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Health Insurance

Over 20 years the Core Team has been helping California residents and employers every year seeking the best health insurance and supplemental plans, and assist with everything along the way at no extra cost. We work with the leading insurance companies in the nation, like Anthem, Cigna, Kaiser, Blue Cross, and Health Net among others.

Medicare Options

Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage? At first blush, Medicare can be very confusing. Being a government program expect a lot of rules. With Medicare , there is no shortage of them. Put our experience to work for you to find the best fit. In many cases, you can get full coverage for a $0 monthly premium.

Life Insurance

We love life insurance. Our insurance agent team works hard to remove it’s mystery and costly misconceptions. We work by your side every step of the way in getting you the best affordable life insurance policy for your family protection. Get the piece of mind by speaking to a Core Member, getting the answers to your life insurance questions.

Employee Benefits

The future role employers play in health insurance continues to be an ever-changing topic, and is still debated both on the state and federal level. Aside from employer insurance education, our experienced team of professionals will help you find the right fit for your workforce and your budget, while helping your business meet the regulatory challenges.

Long Term Care

Long-term care is easily misunderstood, and it’s just not for the elderly, nor about nursing homes. It’s about having the assistance you need during an extended illness or injury at any time of your life. Let a CORE Benefits professional help you create a long-term care plan with security, preparing all your options with lower financial costs and risks.


Need help understanding Annuities? Should you consider this type of investment for your retirement? Making it simple, our Team of Agents helps you understand Annuities and how they’re valued for their tax-deferred accumulation benefit, providing an essential source of retirement income for you. Experience the “Core Advantage” today.
We Plan, Prepare, & Protect.
Over 20 years the Core Team has been helping our clients apply innovative, non-traditional strategies towards their health insurance, life insurance or employee benefits. Our team lives and breathes Healthcare Reform, Medicare, Long Term Care, HRAs, HSAs, Individual/Small Group health insurance, Term and Cash Value Life insurance. We find the best solutions for the best insurance plan. How do we do that? First we find out what is important to you. Features and benefits, premium, networks, carrier strength, underwriting concerns etc. All of these are important factors. However, the most important factor is your happiness after the coverage is in force. We aim to help you make an educated and informed choice. Your satisfaction is what we strive to achieve.
“It’s more than a quote. It starts with a conversation.” Before you start getting random quotes for Life Insurance, Long Term Care or Medicare Insurance plans, it would behoove you to have a conversation with us. There is so much more you need to consider in your insurance purchase than just the premium. At CORE Benefits we want to help you make the right decision today so you don’t have regrets tomorrow. We are here to serve you. Call us at (888) 340-8885 or click on the links below to initiate our online quoting process.
Insurance Plans That Rock
Choosing an insurance plan should not be cumbersome nor uneasy with your finances. Contact a CORE Benefits Specialist and you will not find a better price and personal one-on-one service anywhere else. We understand good health is about more than doctor visits when you or family members require medical help for an illness. It’s all about making choices that feel good. Our custom individual and family insurance plans include all the benefits you want and more. Be in total control of the decision with easy options and total understanding. CORE Benefits will deliver you a plan backed by professionals who care about your well-being.

Choosing the right type of life or health insurance policy can seem overwhelming. What type of life insurance is best for me and my family? How large of a deductible should I carry on my health insurance? Is cash value life insurance worth the extra premium? How does a deductible and coinsurance work with health insurance? All too often, people base their insurance decision on one factor: premium. While premium is certainly important, it should not be the sole determinant. Other factors should be considered. Having an experienced professional to help guide you through the decision process can mean the difference of getting the appropriate plan from the beginning vs. changing down the road because your initial decision did not perform as expected.

First and foremost, the main purpose of Life insurance is to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing. But, did you know it is an excellent vehicle for supplemental retirement savings? It has unique benefits, that IRAs and 401K plans do not have. You can even attach Long Term care riders to help you pay for living assistance in the event of a chronic illness. From Term Life, Whole Life or Universal Life, we can shop the market to find you the best plan to suit your specific needs. Ask us how to use life insurance to help reduce taxes from your retirement plan distributions.

A long term chronic illness can deplete your assets rapidly. With the advancement of medical technology, people are living longer. It is important to plan for the possibility of a chronic illness in your future. There are multiple ways to achieve this protection. From traditional plans, to hybrid plans to life insurance with long term care riders, you owe it to yourself to learn about ALL of your options. Then you can make an educated decision.

Whether you are looking for a PPO, HMO, HSA, HRA or Consumer Directed health plans, Healthcare Reform will change the landscape how employers handle their benefits. Especially in the small group market, the new law will have a profound impact on rates and benefits. Our objective is to help you understand the parts of the Affordable Care Act that will affect your business. Secondly, we will show you what are your options both within the exchange and outside of it. Does Supplemental insurance make sense coupled with a high deductible plan? We have some ideas that will surprise you. Do not allow the Affordable Care Act to dampen your spirits. Embrace it. We can help you and your business benefit from it.

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Who We Are

Located in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, Core Benefits is an independent Life/Health insurance agency, serving clients all over the state of California, but most of them are in LA County. We act as the broker or middleman between customer and carrier. We are not affiliated with one carrier. This enables Core Benefits to sell multiple carriers from multiple lines of coverage. With a growing team of commission based agents, our services to our clients are always free of charge.

The Core Benefit’s story begins with its founder, Lawrence Sin, who started his career in the insurance business with a major mutual life insurance company. After four years, it was time to begin his own endeavor with a focus on better health insurance with honest and accountable customer service. Moving forward fast in a government challenging environment, the Core Benefits’ crusade made a name for itself with personal service and education, broadening it’s services into into Medicare, Life insurance, Annuities, Long Term care and employee benefits.

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